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The Grammar Graphics Program includes:

  • a full years supplemental curriculum
  • easy step by step teacher's manual
  • 25 black line master lesson plans
  • Answer key
  • 10" activity ball
  • 150+ static cling shapes for board work
  • Color transparency of shapes and parts of speech
  • Color classroom poster of shapes and parts of speech
  • Durable manipulatives can withstand 5+ years of classroom use

See below for Classroom Support Data.
Classroom Support Data
A 7th grade teacher in rural Tennessee school system used the Holt-Mifflin pre- and post- Language test to assess her Grammar Graphics students. Of the 16 students in the 4th period class, 15 showed significant gains.
This same teacher compared Terra Nova Language Composite scaled scores from 2001/02 to show gains in scores during 2002/03. Fourteen of the 15 students in the 4th period class showed gains.

Grammar Graphics was originally piloted in an inner-city school in grades 5 and 6. The school was a Title 1 school with a population containing 68% ELL and 76% poverty. In comparing Total Reading scores to Language scores on the Terra Nova Achievement Test, there was a marked difference. The Language scores for Grammar Graphics students were an average 20% higher than in Reading. Students not receiving GG instruction failed to show any significant difference in Language and Reading scores.