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Grammar Graphics is a sequential language program which bridges the gap between identifying the parts of speech and writing. It was developed to make language fun and skills easy to remember. Learners are verbally, visually, and physically engaged in a non-threatening, active language experience.

As the foundation of a well-balanced literacy program, Grammar Graphics provides a starting point at the basic mechanics level of language. Suitable for learners of all levels, it takes students beyond identifying parts of speech to using the parts of speech in patterns to express thoughts. Learning the basic pattern of language is crucial for effective communication. This is particularly important for students with learning difficulties or students whose native language follows a different pattern from English.

Grammar Graphics builds confidence by allowing students to work through two sentences a day as a class and challenges them to create patterned sentences. It engages students at their current level of ability, promotes oral fluency, and provides them with a framework to use as they develop proficiency in writing.

Parts of speech are presented sequentially, and students are taught to ask questions to enhance communication. Stories about the parts of speech allow students to connect concrete information to basic knowledge. Using colorful visual symbols for grammatical concepts helps students connect to basic language patterns and facilitates writing. It's like a graphic organizer for a sentence. Plus, learning with Grammar Graphics is fun!

Teacher-tested, teacher-created, student-friendly
Grammar Graphics gets results!

Aligned with Common Core Standards.
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Roll Over Shapes to See Respective Parts of Speech
Demonstrative Adjective
State of Being a Verb
Article Adjective
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